Love yourself. live fully. no excuses. no shame. 

After Whitney's Fat Girl Dancing video went viral in January 2014, she founded the No Body Shame campaign to encourage people of every variety to live their lives free of shame. 


The Movement

The mission of the No Body Shame campaign is to help every individual overcome the debilitating effects of societal-induced shame. Supporters of No Body Shame have named weight, height, skin color, sexual orientation, gender, different abilities, and specific physical attributes as causes of shame. Whitney believes that when we commit ourselves to living our best lives now, accepting ourselves as we are even if others do not accept us, real changes in confidence and quality of life are not only possible, but imminent. 

No Body Shame asserts that you do not need society’s permission to seek your joy RIGHT NOW. Love yourself. Live fully. No excuses. No shame.
— Whitney Thore, Founder of No Body Shame