1. 💪APPRECIATE my body by recognizing its strengths, capabilities, power, and potential.

2. 👫BEFRIEND my body by dismissing its perceived flaws and acknowledging that imperfections are natural and normal.

3. 👐EMBRACE my own unique physical beauty.

4.👂LISTEN to the feedback my body gives me and respond accordingly with nutrition, rest, and exercise.

5. 🚌 UNAPOLOGETICALLY TAKE UP as much space as my body requires in public.

6. 👔 WEAR anything I think looks good on my body and makes me feel confident.

7. 🏊USE my body in any way that inspires me through athletics, artistry, or leisure.

8. 🌄EXPERIENCE everything life has to offer in the body that I have now.

9. 🌍RESPECT my body by holding it to no beauty or cultural standard.

10. 💊VALUE my body by minimizing or rejecting attempts to permanently modify it for the sake of appearance.

11. 😊TREAT other bodies with the same kindness I want shown to my body.

12. 🔊 SPEAK OUT against body shaming in personal conversation, online commentary, and cultural discussion.