March 2016 pet of the month

Congrats, Marco (and Jayne!)

This is what Jayne had to say about Marco!

Marco was adopted as a kitten from the humane society by my mother in 2009 after the loss of her calico named Callie. He caught her attention at the shelter by trying to claw her leg as she walked by.  He was in the bottom row and probably would have been missed if he hadn't taken the initiative to say, "Hello!  Look at me!"  He won her over with his big ears and adorable face. In 2012, when my husband and I married, my mom decided that she could no longer take care of her house and decided to move into an apartment complex for seniors.  She was gracious enough to give her home to us and also left us to take care of Marco, as he is quite loud in the mornings and she was afraid he'd wake everyone up in the building. She stopped by every weekend to get a kiss from him.  Mom's health started failing by the end of 2014 and by May of 2015 she was placed on hospice.  I moved into her little apartment in order to take care of her and we stayed there until November.  We made the decision to take her home as we were both sick of the confined space.  Mom also wanted to be with Marco again.  (Side note: Marco and my husband had been holding down the fort, living quite the "bachelor" life while I was away.  LOL!) Our house is just a small two bedroom home and we decided that we would just put mom's hospital bed in the living room where she would be able to watch TV and talk to those who visited while being comfortable in bed.  Marco immediately became her protector, snuggling on her legs most of the day and night.  She was afraid that he had forgotten her, as she hadn't been able to visit in a very long time.  But, of course, animals have that sixth sense and he took to her immediately. This is a photo of the first day we moved her in and that is pretty much where he stays to this day.  If I go out to run an errand quickly while she's sleeping, he always jumps right up and stays with her until my return. I truly believe he thinks it's his job to do so.  I worry about how he will react when she is gone but I also know he will be a great comfort to me in my grieving process.  Until then, he will continue to entertain us with his nightly crazy run around the house and other shenanigans he attempts.