what can you do?

To be a member of the No Body Shame campaign, all you have to do is commit yourself to a radical self-love. Of course, this is not always as simple in practice as it is in theory. Body-positivity is a life-long journey, but the rewards happen along the way – there is no finish line. If you're ready to make the commitment, take the No Body Shame Pledge. If you're curious about body-positivity and want to learn more, check this out. Chronicle your self love journey on social media using the hashtags #nobodyshame and #nobs and learn more about other members, too! If you need immediate help dealing with suicidal thoughts, mental illness, bullying, eating disorders, or PCOS, click here for support. 

A portion of all proceeds from the No Body Shame store goes to the National Eating Disorders Association and the National PCOS Awareness Association. All other profit goes directly toward funding the campaign.