Meet "Freckles," The Feb. 2016 Pet of the month!

From Freckles' owner, Gunnar:

My cat Freckles has played huge roles in my life, I found her in 2011 during the fall time in my backyard, I live in New Hampshire and it was starting to get cold and I know my neighbors cats and this cat certainly wasn't one of theirs, the cat was also thin and just sitting in a pile of pine needles when I first discovered her. I brought out food and water and spent like a hour or more with her comforting her until I had to go back in the house. Later that night my brother had to take the dog outside to go to the bathroom and I decided to come along and to see if the cat was still there, I shined the light around where I saw her and I saw her just sitting there in the cold, so with help from my brother I was able to lead her into my garage and care for her. My parents weren't sure about being able to have her, since my mom at the time was believed to have allergies but apparently they have went away. So on my birthday (October 30th) she was my main gift. Words can't explain how much just having her around has changed me and my life, I was going through a tough time when I got her and she really comforted me, just last year I lost my favorite uncle and just a few days ago I lost my favorite aunt and she stuck through me and comforts me, as if she knows I'm upset and need her. At 10:30 if she does not notice me in bed she will run around the house until she is able to find me and let me know that it's bed time and I follow her to my bed.  I've done countless reports about her for school (I am currently a sophomore at Memorial High School of Manchester, NH) I will attach the latest report I have done about my cat. I don't think you remember but when you originally started your snapchat I snapchatted you a photo of me with my cat and I believe you called her cute which meant a lot coming from you I would like to say thank you.