Meet Claudia, the No BS Feb. 2016 Fan of the Month! 

From Claudia: 

Hi Whitney,
this is me. 23 years old-180 centimeters tall-113kg-woman… unfortunately I’m also italian. I know that being big is a problem all over the world, but I live in one of the “fashion country”. My biggest problem is that I don’t know where to go to buy clothes!!! my wardrobe is full of 70% male t-shirts and hoodies and jeans (that are too short for my legs). I hate shopping, I hate big, elegant events because I don’t know where to buy a dress, and if I find one it doesn’t fit me well.
My body has always been a problem, I was the biggest of all the children, it was like I had a big, red target on my back. People have always been mean to me (and that’s why Iprefer animals to people lol), buy I’m not writing you to cry about my past, I want to tell you my story.

Sport saved me. I’ve always been an active girl, when I was 6 I started playing basketball, being tall helped me and with the time I began to know my body and to use it at the best I could. after 12 years I succeed in playing in a "mayor” league (in italy female basketball is not so important), then I started practicing shot-put for fun and I discovered I was pretty good!!! So I left basketball (that remains my big love and passion) to start with my athletic career.
With the time a convocation with the national team arrived and with it a lot of self-esteem. Then I succeed in winning for 3 years in a raw (I’m not sure this is the right way to say it LOL) I won the italian-university-championship, and I hope this will be the 4th year.

Now I understand that without my body It wouldn’t be possible, Now I’m proud of my body and I don’t care if I have to buy male t-shirt to contain my boobs, it worth it all.
I’m trying to make people understand that being big is not a crime, it’s not fair that a little big-girl (or boy) suffers for it.
I’ll tell my story to all the one who has my same problems and this is my message: KNOW YOUR BODY AND USE IT! IT WON’T STOP YOU!

Thanks you Whitney for what are you doing, Italy needs more people like you, the world needs more people like you!